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      Next to water, collagen is the most important structural substance in our bodies, accounting for 25-30% of its total protein. Your ligaments, tendons, bones and skeletal muscles are all held together by collagen, as well as by smooth muscle tissue like your blood vessels, digestive tract and organs. It is even the main component of your hair, skin and nails.

      As we age, our body loses its ability to make collagen, thus, it starts to break down. This is why our skin sags and wrinkles: hair becomes thinner, dull, or lifeless; our joints are stiffer and less flexible; and we have softer, less tone bodies.

      Supplementing with collagen protein is believed to provide the body with the amino acids necessary to manufacture and support collagen. Without healthy collagen, our bodies virtually fall apart as we age.
Much different from other protein sources, collagen protein contains a unique combination and ration of high-nitrogen amino acids (protein), most importantly, glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and arginine. They have been shown to influence:

  1. Weight Loss.
  2. Bone and Connective Tissues
  3. Improvement of Skin Appearance
  4. Optimal Body Growth and Repair
  5. Improved Metabolism
  6. Elevation of Growth Hormone Secretion ( which affects: a) Fat Loss, b) Muscle Retention, c) Energy Level, d) Softness and Elasticity of the Skin, e) Improved Sleep)
  7. Healing ( specially for wounds)
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