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Liquid Collagen Supplement


  • Beautify skin, hair and nail growth, and quality
  • Helps your body retain lean muscle tissue
  • Naturally helps increase your metabolism
  • Helps promote higher energy levels
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Supports healthy Joint Function
  • Helps reduce body fat

What Is Liquid Collagen Protein?

After water, collagen protein is the most important structural biochemical compound in our bodies, accounting for 25-30% of its total protein. Collagen protein is the cement that virtually holds everything together.

Your ligaments, tendons, bones and skeletal muscles are all held together by collagen, as well as smooth muscle tissue like your blood vessels, digestive tract and organs. It is even the main component of your hair, skin, and nails.

As we age our body's ability to create and maintain collagen diminishes, as does our body’s ability to digest whole food proteins. The effects from this loss are visible: fine lines and wrinkles in our skin, stiff and achy joints, lifeless hair and our bodies lose tone. In order to counteract the loss of collagen we can support our body by supplementing with a high potency, extremely bio-available collagen protein.

How Does Liquid Collagen Supplement Work?

Liquid collagen protein formula contains high ratios of the unique nitrogen rich amino acids:

  • Glycine
  • Proline
  • Hydroxyproline
  • Arginine

These amino acids have been shown to influence weight loss, bone and connective tissue, improvements in skin appearance, optimal body growth and repair, improved metabolism, support of growth hormone levels and healing, especially wounds.

These four special amino acids also maintain lean body mass which helps provide a firm toned and more youthful looking body – as well as help improve skin elasticity and joint function.

Liquid collagen protein is the only 100% collagen supplement that is enzymatically pre-digested (hydrolyzed) to ensure rapid and maximum absorption. Health Direct breaks down the protein in a similar manner to the way your body would – with natural enzymes. Since the protein is broken down to its smallest components, your body completely absorbs it after ingestion.

This collagen supplement is enzymatically pre-digested collagen that can be rapidly used by the body to tighten and tone the muscles, increase joint function and flexibility. If taken when dieting and at bedtime on an empty stomach, liquid collagen supplement can help to reduce body fat.

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